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2017 Project Status!


Happy 2017 everyone! Since it seems I have some explaining to do, I decided to isolate it to this post and sticky it up for the entire year.

First of all, I want to clarify some things with regards to our projects. I’ll do this as straight to the point as possible, here is the status of our projects.

Steady: Is on a schedule to be released and unless something bad happens, it WILL come out.
Erratic: There will be releases here and there, but no concrete scheduled releases.
Hiatus: There is no movement and will be no movement on this until the issues get solved.
Dropped: Sayonara, you won’t be seeing this series from us.

To Love-Ru Darkness: Ongoing Monthly (steady)
Te To Kuchi: All the chapters are translated but it needs typesetters and redrawers (hiatus) 
Duel!: Needs typesetters, translations and redrawers (hiatus)
Yozakura Quartet: Has a translator and typesetter, but scheduling is tough (erratic)
Hanamaru Kindergarten: Has all the chapters translated but needs a typesetter (hiatus)
Ikusaba Animation: Has all the chapters translated but needs a typesetter/redrawer (hiatus)
Kousha no Ura ni wa Tenshi ga Umerarete Iru: (Dropped) Translator lost interest and there was a lack of good quality raws.
Murcielago: (Dropped) Due to english licensing (the first volume comes out this month!). We didn’t receive any notice, but better to be safe than sorry. One chapter was translated and typeset before we decided this though, so we will at least be releasing that one last chapter out of respect for the translator and typesetters work.
The Sacred Blacksmith: (Dropped) Once again, due to licensing. Same situation as above.
Otogi Taisen Fantasma: We need a translator for this. (hiatus)
Ill Boy Ill Girl: Translations were halted because the translator was going through medical school. It should be starting back up soon. (steady)
Michiwarisou Monogatari – Vampire After the Doomsday: Same situation as above. (erratic)
Tomodachi Login: We need a translator for this. (hiatus)
Tonari no Robot: We have translations for this, but we need redrawers. (erratic)

I dodged many folks’ questions with regard to the status of certain series, however this was because I was still mulling things over for a long while. While I didn’t outright say anything, obscuring the truth is just as bad as lying, so I’m sorry. This is the decision that I have come to with regards to the status of all of our projects, so we’re going to get to working on what we can and try to make 2017 way better than 2016.

P.S. I myself have been busy with a heavy school session so I have not been able to get to the applications. If you still want to apply, then please do so again so that I know you’re still interested. Sorry again for this.

14 comments on “2017 Project Status!

  1. Pedro Correia
    January 7, 2017

    YES!!! Ill Boy Ill Girl is coming back!!

  2. Kyunkyukyukyukyun
    January 7, 2017

    Thanks for the update guys. What exactly does a typesetter do? I want to try to be able to help you guys in the future

    • [Cross]
      January 7, 2017

      They put text into the bubbles.

      • Kyunkyukyukyukyun
        January 8, 2017

        Ok. How difficult of a task is it? Does it needed a lot of practice?

  3. Bube
    January 7, 2017


  4. nodzz23
    January 8, 2017

    Well, can’t say I’ll miss “Kousha no Ura…” seeing as it was just a gathering of the worst parts of children. Shame to see Murcielago and Sacred Blacksmith dropped but I will wait for either their release or until I finally get myself in gear to learn JP proper 😛 (I should try my hand at typesetting and see if I can be good enough to give something back)

    Thanks a lot for the clarification and here’s to another good year 😀

  5. Levap
    January 8, 2017

    Ok dok, thanks for the update and the information!

  6. Laek
    January 8, 2017

    Thanks for this! You and your collaborators are awesome, i have no idea how tough it is to handle all the different stuff involved to get releases out there, so I really appreciate the time and effort you all put into this, so, thank you very much for your work!

    PS: Makes me happy that TLR is steady, yay!

  7. Grimm
    January 10, 2017

    Thankfully, TLR-Darkness is steady(and looks like the only one), since it’s the only one I follow out of all those.
    Keep up with the good work cxcscans, and I hope I can see TLR chapters until it’s end, translated and scanlated by you guys.

  8. C1
    January 13, 2017

    Well YZQ has been always erratic, kinda feel bad for murcielago, it was really interesting. I guess i’ll grab the official release instead.

    • evilrav
      January 14, 2017

      Yeah, YZQ has had broadly the same problems since we picked it up.

      The releases are erratic because either 1) Translations are infrequent (1+ month) or the translator drops contact suddenly requiring us to pick-up a new translator for the project or 2) We run out of raws, we source our own raws and magazine raws are hard to come by so we currently use tank raws (which Cross is providing atm).

      Currently we’re in a 1) situation but I’ve been told to expect some chapters this month which I’ll try to release asap when I get the translations.

  9. Dr.Bowser
    March 8, 2017

    Hey, I heard that you will make a new series for to love RU, is that true?

  10. Raiker
    March 22, 2017

    Thanks for information.
    Also, on slightly unrelated, but still important topic: can you, please, tell (at least approximately) when download links (especially for old chapters, like first chapters of Darkness) will be restored?

  11. Chris neckler
    March 30, 2017

    Will there be a new To love-ru series?

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