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To Love-Ru Darkness Bangaihen 24

Funny how a lot can happen in a month, huh.

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2017 Project Status!

Happy 2017 everyone! Since it seems I have some explaining to do, I decided to isolate it to this post and sticky it up for the entire year.

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To Love-Ru Darkness Bangaihen 23

  A month flies by so fast. So here’s part 1 of a 2 parter of bangaihen chapters that will conclude next month. Whether we’ll get news of more To … Continue reading

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To Love-Ru Darkness 77 (END)

  It’s THE FINAL CHAPTER of To Love-Ru Darkness. Sorta. (There are two more bangaihen to be released in the subsequent two months.) However, that does not change the fact … Continue reading

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To Love-Ru Darkness 76

The series is reaching its climax! It’s been very long getting to this point, so enjoy reading’ Also, there is no reader link because it seems Batoto is starting to … Continue reading

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To Love-Ru Darkness 75

It’s finally here! The chapter you’ve all been waiting for, so enjoy reading’

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To Love-Ru Darkness 74

Time for the last To Love-Ru Darkness chapter of the year! 2016 has been a very messy year, that’s for sure. One can only hope things will look up in … Continue reading

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Yozakura Quartet 96

Another day, another chapter. Manga reader is still rip, if you want to read online check later. If there are any errors with the chapter or problems with the … Continue reading

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To Love-Ru Darkness 73

Ahoy hoy there’ With each month, we’re getting closer to a regular release cycle for this, so expect next month’s chapter even sooner (By like a day or so). Now … Continue reading

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To Love-Ru Darkness 72

Hello folks! It really seems like we’re doing this every month huh. On time with this one though, so enjoy this fun To Love-Ru Darkness chapter! We hit our 8th … Continue reading

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