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To Love-Ru Darkness 67, Happy 10th Anniversary To Love-Ru!

Source: ahn (pixiv)

Age-gap yuri never ceases to amuse me.

Apparently, 10 years ago, To Love-Ru debuted in Weekly Shounen Jump. 10 years and Rito is still tripping over and onto girls. 10 years, and yet they’re still all roughly the same age. Yabuki-sensei is the culprit on this one, as he seems to want to keep Mikan an elementary schooler forever. He’s pretty passionate about this apparently. With that said, here’s a toast to 10 years of the Black Cat artist coming up with wacky lewd images of girls. (And also to 10 years of fans of Black Cat wishing that Yabuki-sensei would stop working on To Love-Ru and make Black Cat 2). We’ve only been working on To Love-Ru for half of that time, but it’s still been a fun ride. This is a heavy chapter to coincide with such an occasion, so enjoy reading’

P.S. Finals are coming up so this is a busy busy month (thus the lateness). However, that does mean once June hits, we’ll be running on all cylinders again, so stay tuned! Enjoy reading’

To Love-Ru Darkness
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17 comments on “To Love-Ru Darkness 67, Happy 10th Anniversary To Love-Ru!

  1. White-Fox
    May 10, 2016

    Happy Anniversary.

  2. Geese1
    May 10, 2016

    Thanks for the new chapter!

  3. Wall
    May 10, 2016

    Thanks for all your hard work, CXC is such a quality group ❤

  4. jorgelotr
    May 10, 2016

    Thanks for the chapter.

    If you want to speak about unchanging age, Case Closed is already older than its main character, even in his true identity. The weird thing is that they’ve held seasonal celebrations several times (everytime it didn’t fall in the middle on an ongoing case) and all of them are canon, with mentions done sometimes to “last Valentines/Christmas/whatever” during the festivity arc, with the characters being the same age in all of them.

  5. nodzz23
    May 10, 2016

    Thanks a lot for the release 😀

  6. Yasman
    May 10, 2016

    I think To Love-Ru is too lucrative at this point for them to just end it so Yabuki can work on Black Cat 2.

  7. knossus
    May 10, 2016

    Thanks for the release!
    I believe Hasemi Saki is also participate in delaying Black Cat2 though..

  8. nova
    May 10, 2016

    Behold Rito Master of the sleep-fu with 10 years of refined techniques and 100% Lewd Luck Rate. He is unstoppable.

    Thank for the CXCSCANS

  9. KaitoKief
    May 10, 2016

    Thanks for the chapter

  10. randomdutch
    May 10, 2016

    Thank you for all the work!! 🙂

  11. Fizhbone24
    May 10, 2016

    Thanks for the chapter.

    I would like to see Black Cat 2 too if he would work on it.

  12. psicomenace
    May 10, 2016

    Wonderful, really thank you very much for the new chapter, BTW TLR is eternal…

  13. Creator
    May 10, 2016

    Thanks for the chapter.
    And thanks to Yabuki-sensei and Hasemi-sensei for making something so enjoyable.

  14. Acetone
    May 10, 2016

    Don’t forget the weird gap in which he drew a different set of cat themed girls.

  15. kuro
    May 11, 2016

    Thanks for the release! Good luck with your exams!

  16. Anon-kun
    May 14, 2016

    Mikan’s butt

  17. ciccio566
    May 18, 2016

    thx 4 chapter

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