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To Love-Ru Darkness 65, Ill Boy Ill Girl 03


I can’t for the life of me see the connection in this crossover, but um, yuri so… yay!

A new month means a new chapter of To Love-Ru Darkness and Ill Boy Ill Girl.
Way later than I had hoped, but this month also provided its share of challenges. And before anyone asks any questions, yes, we do have other projects and no we haven’t dropped them. Things are just a little busier than usual, so it’ll take a bit longer to get them out. Nothing much else to say but enjoy reading!!!

Ill Boy Ill Girl
Chapter 03: READ | DOWNLOAD

To Love-Ru Darkness
Chapter 65: READ | DOWNLOAD


22 comments on “To Love-Ru Darkness 65, Ill Boy Ill Girl 03

  1. nova
    March 13, 2016

    Thank for the chapter. Next chapter medical investigation-Origin of The God fall.

  2. Creator
    March 13, 2016

    Thanks a lot!

  3. HeartBreat
    March 13, 2016

    Thank you for Ill Boy Ill Girl!!

  4. xias1
    March 14, 2016

    Thanks for the chapters.

    But there´s something I still don´t get.
    In Ill Boy Ill Girl how can they say they are the first ones to die by the desease?
    In chapter 1 it´s already stated that “all people that have this desease will die by the age of twelve”.
    That statement however means that there must have already been several children dying due to this desease at the age of twelve.
    Otherwise that statement to surely die at twelve years of age couldn´t be made at all.
    Can anyone explain this to me?

    • [Cross]
      March 14, 2016

      It’s a very obvious contradiction that the boy even questions at some point in the first chapter. I imagine it will be brought again eventually.

  5. psicomenace
    March 14, 2016

    Thank you very much for both of these mangas.

  6. Tmp341
    March 14, 2016

    Thank you for the To Love-Ru Darkness, You rock. o/

  7. Geese1
    March 14, 2016

    Thanks for the new chapter of To Love-Ru!

  8. Anony
    March 14, 2016

    Thanks for Ill Boy Ill Girl

  9. KazukiNanaLover
    March 15, 2016

    Thanks for the ToLoveRu chapters, and keep up the good work guys!

  10. nodzz23
    March 15, 2016

    Thanks a lot for the chapters 😀

  11. Blazer
    March 15, 2016

    Is Te to kuchi on going now. It disappear for a long time.

  12. Waffleman
    March 15, 2016

    One question, you guys are translating Duel! manga. Do you know how many volumes there are? Has it finished already?

    • [Cross]
      March 15, 2016

      It’s not finished yet, there are about two volumes out right now.

      • Waffleman
        March 16, 2016


  13. Fizhbone24
    March 16, 2016

    Thanks for the release. 😀

  14. ciccio566
    March 24, 2016

    Thx 4 chp

  15. Matt
    April 6, 2016

    Hi, but what happened to the ill boy ill girl?!

  16. Yasman
    April 7, 2016

    What happened to the download link for Ch65 of TLR?

    • A_Blind_Man
      April 8, 2016

      bunch of stuff got reset according to the murcielago post, should be back up soon

  17. Vitor Filgueiras
    April 9, 2016

    Hello guys, what happened to the colored version chapters? I’m missing them so much!! Why stopped posting them?

    • [Cross]
      April 9, 2016

      We never released the colored chapters. That was someone else.

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