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07-13-2015 RELEASES

Since the website is currently down, let’s revive this little one for now.

Tonari no Robot Chapters 02-04

Read Ch.02 Online | Download Ch.02

Read Ch.03 Online | Download Ch.03

Read Ch.04 Online | Download Ch.04

Hanamaru Kindergarten Chapters 84-85

Read Ch.84 Online | Download Ch.84

Read Ch.85 Online | Download Ch.85

Muricelago Chapters 21-27

Read Ch.21 Online | Download Ch.21

Read Ch.22 Online | Download Ch.22

Read Ch.23 Online | Download Ch.23

Read Ch.24 Online | Download Ch.24

Read Ch.25 Online | Download Ch.25

Read Ch.26 Online | Download Ch.26

Read Ch.27 Online | Download Ch.27

To Love-Ru Darkness Chapter 57 + Bangaihen

Read Ch.57 Online | Download Ch.57

Read Bangaihen 21 Online | Download Bangaihen 21


2 comments on “07-13-2015 RELEASES

  1. Curious Guy
    July 13, 2015

    What’s wrong with the main site?. Is it down due to overloaded or was it due to something else?. I’ve been meaning to ask this when i saw your twitter post about the new releases 11 hours ago but because I don’t have a twitter account It’s not possible to do that.

  2. Ser_Destroyer
    September 12, 2015

    Thanks for the releases bu what’s with the ._files in the archives? they confuse the reader apps i use :/

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