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To Love-Ru Darkness 49

Wixoss is becoming too real for me.

Wixoss is becoming too real for me.

This has been a strange couple of weeks. My computer had to go in for repairs, plus midterms, well either way, apologies for the delay on this chapter. It seems I’ve bitten off a lot more than I could chew this time around, but all is fine now. This chapter marks the appears of our glorious Queen of the universe. Enjoy reading’

To Love-Ru Darkness Chapter 49


34 comments on “To Love-Ru Darkness 49

  1. Roku
    November 11, 2014

    thanks b0ss

  2. NODZZ
    November 11, 2014

    Woo, thanks for the release! 😀

  3. Jack Napier
    November 11, 2014

    Thanks!! ^_^

  4. svines85
    November 11, 2014

    Awesome, thanks a lot!!

  5. Misogi
    November 11, 2014

    『Broken computer huh.』

    『Should’ve had one of your team mates work on this, that’s what they’re there for. Right?』
    『Or do you have any other typesetters?』

    • [Cross]
      November 11, 2014

      Not at the time no, timing for TLRD chapters is often random so coordinating stuff like that on the spot gets a little difficult. People have their own plans as well.

      • Misogi
        November 15, 2014

        『Haha, that surprises me considering that the last 5 or so people who applied were typesetters!』

        『If you can’t find anyone to do the dirty deed, re-hire me. You know how good I am, all I need is the heads-up.』

  6. ducmq
    November 11, 2014

    Thanks a lot

  7. psicomenace
    November 11, 2014

    Perfect, thank you very much for one chapter more.

  8. xanon
    November 11, 2014

    Thanks for the all your hard work.

  9. Geese1
    November 11, 2014

    Thanks for the new chapter!

  10. Yohshiro
    November 11, 2014

    Yay! Thanks for the chapter!

  11. LoliX
    November 11, 2014

    Thanks for the new chapter 🙂

  12. cedXmashiron
    November 12, 2014

    I might apply after graduation next year. Any requirements?

    • [Cross]
      November 12, 2014

      Check the application section

  13. Hakuroki
    November 12, 2014

    What! Really thanks for the chapter, a question, TLR is monthly or bimonthly.

    • [Cross]
      November 12, 2014

      It’s monthly. The magazine releases on the 4th of every month.

      • NDlinh
        November 13, 2014

        Can U tell me what’s the magazine?

      • [Cross]
        November 13, 2014

        Jump SQ.

  14. White-Fox
    November 12, 2014

    Thank you for the chapter. It was funny as always… 😀

  15. KaitoKief
    November 12, 2014

    Thanks for the chapter

  16. Mr. Alien
    November 12, 2014


    Next chapter: Rito the motherfucker!

    • DarkdaemonPK2
      November 15, 2014

      That would be a first.

  17. Aries_san
    November 12, 2014

    Thanks for the chapter, Oh my god what gonna happen now 😛 😛 😛

  18. obvious fake
    November 12, 2014

    the lesson as learnt again and again:
    there’s no female body protection against rito.

  19. Sutatekken
    November 12, 2014

    I’m going to go out on a Limb and Say Rito won’t be effected by her “Charm” Powers

    • DarkdaemonPK2
      November 15, 2014

      Who knows.

    • F*Word
      December 9, 2014

      Yes, he will not.

  20. ciccio566
    November 12, 2014

    thx for the chapter

  21. AcOo
    November 13, 2014

    Thanks for this.

  22. DarkdaemonPK2
    November 15, 2014

    Accidental groping is a tired cliche. I miss the earlier chapters since the story and ecchi are balanced. Thanks for the upload, though.

  23. Shoyoko
    November 17, 2014

    Can I be your Cleaner/Redrawer !? I think I have a bit of experience. You may test me first.

  24. Rizwan
    December 7, 2014

    Where are ur downloads??

  25. narengoku
    December 10, 2014

    Thanks for the chapter…

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