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Medaka Box 62-63

Kumagawa's a complicated man, and no one understands him like his woman

Fun fun fun, here’s your Medaka fix. Who is Mister Unknown? I dunno.

Medaka Box Chapter 62

Medaka Box Chapter 63


17 comments on “Medaka Box 62-63

  1. narengoku
    September 11, 2010

    Thank you very much for the chapters……

  2. Un
    September 11, 2010

    *Salutes* Ay great job. Thanks much~

  3. No Comment
    September 11, 2010

    Thanks for more Medaka Box.

  4. Geese1
    September 11, 2010

    Thanks for the chapters!

  5. Haesslich
    September 12, 2010

    How very… shiny.

  6. KaitoKief
    September 12, 2010

    Thanks for the chapters

  7. Kuro
    September 12, 2010

    How has this not been cancelled yet?

    • J3N0V4
      September 12, 2010

      by being a clever parody of all things Shounen that certain idiots just don’t get

  8. Visadio
    September 12, 2010

    thank you very much!!!

  9. earendil
    September 12, 2010


  10. Rockmanshii
    September 12, 2010

    Hell yeah thanks.
    Lol I also saw this pic on Danbooru, I guess you’re happy when you meet other bastards.

  11. Primus
    September 12, 2010

    they look like a nice people in that pic


  12. Me
    September 13, 2010

    The zip for chapter 62 is missing page 13. Its kind of interesting that its missing since its about class -13 but it looks like the story jumps a little..

    • [Cross]
      September 13, 2010

      oh, the double page is suppose to be listed as 12-13, there’s no missing page.

  13. Me
    September 13, 2010

    Oh! And thanks for the chapters.

  14. Me, Myself, and I
    September 13, 2010

    I have a little query about something. Ch 62’s last page ends with “The weird guy who loves his school” in reference to Kudo if I am not mistaken. But in Ch 63 page 5, Medaka describes him in the last panel of the page with “It’s not like he was a president that had overflowing love for this school…” which implies the opposite.

    There’s a consistency issue there considering his actions and described motivation is consistent with the ending tagline. Is there a typo and it should be “it’s not like he wasn’t a…” or am I just reading something wrong here?

    regardless, thanks for the chapters as always.

    • [Cross]
      September 13, 2010

      Not exactly, he loves his school, clearly you should be able to tell this from the fact that he went around protecting the school without any need for compliments or even having anyone notice his deeds. Medaka said he doesn’t have an overflowing love like hers, which is really outgoing and public. Overflowing in the sense that everyone notices it, as it flows out. He loves his school, he just isn’t public with it and works alone with a sense of self satisfaction.

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