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Things to go and things to come.

Alice Sushi

Ever have one of those days?

Whew! It is hot down here in the south. How hot is it? It-it’s hot….what else? Stop asking stupid questions. What’s wrong with you? Anyway, As most of you have heard, MangaHelpers, Mangatoshokan, and now OneManga have fallen to the publisher Nazis. That’s what’s got Alice all depressed (Actually it’s some kind of Japanese Tuna pun, but who cares). I knew these publishers were going to get serious. I work with publishers in my bookstore, they’re a bunch of douche-bags, trust me.

However, this doesn’t mean we nor other hard working groups are going. We’re here and it’ll be hard to get rid of us…….unless they threaten us with lawsuits, then screw that, I’m not going to jail. I’m the kind of guy that would be the “prison bear”. *shudders* All in all, we aren’t giving up manga. At the very least, we should have the right to translate that which isn’t being published in the states.  Hell, in capitalism (or in america, it’s basically economic anarchy), the fat-cats are able to practically rape the gray areas of the laws, so at the least, we should be able to get our share of some publishing loop holes.

Now, you should know that the publishers ARE working with the authors, but we can’t hate them. The authors have a right to their money they get for their work, however, if their works aren’t in America, then what harm can we do by translating it. Granted, the collection sites like OM, do use ads to gain money, but we have no say in that. The authors actually lose a lot of say in their work once it’s under contract, so I’m sure their are those who don’t really care, but they have to take a stand or else they lose their contracts. In short, the authors are just names the publishers are adding so that if we oppose them, it looks like we’re attacking the authors as well. We aren’t. We want them to get paid and succeed. We NEED them to succeed. So, don’t think this is a battle against the authors. It’s not.

So, the reason I’m being so long winded in my message here isn’t just because I feel ashamed that my co-leader is releasing more than me (lol), or that I just take forever to make a point(lolx2), it’s because I want you people to express your opinions as well. Not just here, but also on our forum. We recently added a feedback section on our group forum because we were getting a little lonely and we missed you guys….also because no one on irc really talks u_u…. The link is found in our join the group section, but I’ll also provide a link at the bottom here. I want you guys to discuss and tell us what you think. You’ll have to join as a member, so feel free to count yourself as a member of our family……just a member that doesn’t work……you know, the drunken uncles.

As to the things to come. I’ve been working in real life so I’ve had my hands full, but I’m still here. I’ll have some releases ready by the end of this week at the latest. I’ll have some Medaka Box, and some Onidere coming your way soon. May not be like Cross’s fonts of Medaka, but hey, he didn’t give me much to go on with that >.> Onidere will be coming out faster in the coming weeks, so we’ll catch up and get back on track. Sorry for that one, had some misunderstandings, but we got it worked out. Also, if you’re all good, I might be able to get some Mayoi out there for you. I promise you all, you’ll have your “Demon-Box Overrun” soon.

So, hang in there, chat it up on our feedback section, and try not to make a mess of our forum. We will moderate it and as our cmertb is very fond of it, we will make sure it’s a nice, friendly place for our fans. That’s it for now folks. See ya later.



6 comments on “Things to go and things to come.

  1. MageSoren
    July 26, 2010

    Glad to know you guys are working hard! Although I come here every now and then for updates and usually don’t say anything, I felt that even just saying something would let you know that there are people who support you guys. Thanks!!

  2. cmertb
    July 26, 2010

    “That’s what’s got Alice all depressed (Actually it’s some kind of Japanese Tuna pun, but who cares).” — Hmm, I care. I think what they’re implying is that the chick is like tuna (maguro in Japanese). The expression “maguro onna” (“tuna woman”) can be translated as “dead lay” into English. That’s my best guess about the nature of the pun here.

  3. Glarbage
    July 27, 2010

    glad to hear about some new Medaka Box on the way, I’ve had the raws for a while, lol

  4. Schuzrum Dias
    July 27, 2010

    Where are you? Here in south Georgia it was about 110 degrees yesterday. For those of you who can’t imagine how hot that is, let’s just say that I went to the beach and the water was hot.
    Didn’t come here to complain about the heat, but oh well 😛 Keep up the good work!

    • kantanokaze
      July 29, 2010

      Ding, Ding, Ding. You win the prize my fellow Georgian. It’s been really hot and with the rain, lightning storms are about. I find them relaxing, until they cause the power to go out and I lose all my work………..oh well, at least I’m not out in the midwest with tornadoes to add to the worries.

  5. Ransom
    July 31, 2010

    I wonder how helpful is for the publishers to close sites that, even though in a shady way, promote manga.

    I started reading Tsukuyumi Moon Phase on-line, after that I bought the manga from TokyoPop and now I’m stuck waiting for the damn conclusion since they put it on hiatus! And it’s not because you can find on-line scans of the latest chapters of moon phase… 😦 Nevertheless I’m willing to buy new stuff as soon as I stop being on the red 😛

    Things won’t get solved this way, the guy who doesn’t buy manga will still not buy it, and the people who like to read before buying will be discouraged to buy new stuff.

    Oh well… As long as they give me a legal alternative, I’m ready to pay a few box monthly if I get a site with enough variety.

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