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Yozakura Quartet 37-38

Manga is serious business.

As [Cross] promised, he may be gone but the releases will keep coming. Next up I’ll be working on some more Bamboo Blade chapters (as well as another secret project), although I don’t have [Cross]’s font list for Bamboo Blade so you should probably brace yourselves for some weird font choices. Anyway, here is the first smattering of releases from CxC’s new evil overlords  co-leaders:

Yozakura Quartet Chapter 37

Yozakura Quartet Chapter 38

If there are any problems with either the links or the chapters themselves let me know.


8 comments on “Yozakura Quartet 37-38

  1. rockmanshii
    July 7, 2010

    Holy shit , it was Tanabata and I wished for more Yozakura Quartet and here it is!!! I love you guys.

  2. r31ya
    July 8, 2010

    woaa, thanks

  3. Anonymous
    July 8, 2010

    Will the new leaders put into words that you’ve officially dropped Onidere? If not at least some feedback on what the hell’s happening, maybe?

    I’m probably sounding like a complete douche, but it’s been 5 months since a regularly released chapter was put out, which was in March. And then it took 1 month for another 2 chapters, same next month, and then dead silent. That’s what, 3 months with 3 chapters published per month? So, you’re what, 10-14 chapters behind? I really don’t want to see this take the same fate as GTO Shonan Days. But we haven’t gotten any news on if it’s a personnel problem, you just don’t care about it, or you’re so far behind you just have no motivation.

    All I can do is hope the bitching will motivate some progress or at the least get a status update out of you.
    Que the Connie Francis – I Will Wait For You.

    • evilrav
      July 8, 2010

      I’m not 100% up on the situation, but I can tell you that we have not dropped Onidere.

      The issue with Onidere has mostly been one of staff rather than of motivation.

    • someone
      July 8, 2010

      Yes bitching does motivate people.

      So your motivation comes from people’s QQ aka. bitching?
      Also this people are doing this for free and they are giving it out for free. So kudos to an inconsiderate and impatient leecher.

      • Anonymous
        July 9, 2010

        I’m assuming they are doing it for the fans, not just for themselves. so it’s kind of disheartening that it takes a jackass rant just to get a response. Regardless of whether it’s free, it shouldn’t be hard to let the readers know what’s going on. Would be extremely frustrating if you were one of those patient considerate people that waits for releases, only for the releases to have been delayed indefinitely. Now you have all of the patient and considerate people, forever waiting, until someone gets brave/impatient enough to vocalize their concerns.

        I was one of those patient considerate people for the past 3 months, until I grew tired of checking cxc/sexyboi’s pages 2-3 times per day for updates that wouldn’t appear. Unless I’m just the only Onidere fan, then I guess it’s just entirely meaningless.

      • cmertb
        July 9, 2010

        First of all, you could’ve gotten the same reply even without the “jackass rant”. There are better ways to ask for a status update without sounding like an ingrate. Secondly, you have to realize that sometimes even the group doesn’t know what’s going on. Had you bothered to look at the credit pages for each chapter (have you ever done so?), you would’ve noticed just how many people are involved in each release. It’s a common occurrence for people to go missing without notice at unpredictable intervals, leaving the rest twiddling their thumbs and wondering what the hell is going on, same as you are. When a project is a joint, that makes the picture even more complicated. I’m not saying it’s the case with Onidere, I’m merely pointing out that what you think is simple often is not. Finally, I should also point out that there’s something that’s a lot more motivational than “jackass rants”: it’s called “gratitude”. How many times after reading a manga chapter have you made an effort to specifically thank everyone involved in getting it to you?

  4. Elyak
    July 12, 2010

    Thanks for the 2 Yozakura Quartet chapters!

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