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Hanamaru Kindergarten 09/Sket Dance 110

Hm, not sure why I picked this one, take it as you will.
Hmm there’s probably some
subconscious reason, I should probably seek help,
I felt spontaneous today, so here’s some Sket Dance to soothe your soul
and some Hanamaru to kill you with cuteness. Enjoy \(^0^)/

Hanamaru Kindergarten Chapter 09

Sket Dance Chapter 110


5 comments on “Hanamaru Kindergarten 09/Sket Dance 110

  1. CatzCradle
    April 23, 2010

    You guys have no idea how happy you’ve made me with Sket Dance right now~ xD

    Thanks so much for the incredibly awesome release!~ :DDD

  2. kantanokaze
    April 24, 2010

    Isn’t this one from Zetsubou Sensei? WE NEED TO DO THAT!!! I’m telling you, I needz its.

  3. mouse practice games
    May 6, 2010

    Description : Elementary mouse practice games / kindergarten activities to keep your child learning mouse skills on the fly
    Link :

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Psycho
    August 30, 2010

    Are you dropped this series or there is no RAW available?

    • [Cross]
      August 30, 2010

      It’s a problem of the translations, the translator is really bugging out on me, and it’s gotten a bit bad now. I’ll have to get a new translator, and that usually takes some time.

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