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Bamboo Blade Volume 10 Special Chapter + Omake

I asked Satori to ready last week's release...the rest is history
Satori mistook last week’s release for…well yeah

And so we finally complete Volume 10. Here’s the short story at the end of volume 10 as well as the omakes that appeared at the end of the volume.



3 comments on “Bamboo Blade Volume 10 Special Chapter + Omake

  1. r31ya
    October 29, 2009

    Whoa, Big Rele~ oh! one chapter with omake. DX

    damn it, i really thought you guys release another full Volume like ones before… 🙂

    Anyways Thanks for the release! and currently i’m still hype about upcoming Yozakura Quartet Explosion! :D:D:D

  2. zeer
    October 30, 2009

    Thank you so much for the new release!

  3. dragon132004
    December 1, 2009

    Thanks a lot guys for releasing this Manga, I started picking up your releases from Mangahelper Site.

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