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Medaka Box 23

She likes you?
She likes fish…do you?

*yawn* It’s Sunday right? No? It’s Friday!? What!? Well…that would mean…that
this release is ridiculously late! What a time to oversleep. Enjoy the chapter, but you ask why this was late? It’s midterm week for me, coupled along with a some late night Yankees play-off games. If there’s anyone to blame for this late release, blame the Anaheim Angels.
(nah but seriously, I’m cool with them)



13 comments on “Medaka Box 23

  1. nada
    October 23, 2009

    Thanks for the chapter.

    • himemo
      October 23, 2009

      I knew you’d be a Yankees fan. Just so you know, even if you guys make it past the Angels, the Phillies will crush your bones into dust and scatter the remains over the New Jersey Turnpike.

      • himemo
        October 23, 2009

        Um — that was not meant to be a reply to the other reply, obviously. I need to learn how to work computers.

  2. SiDE
    October 23, 2009

    Thanks for the release.

    Just want to point out that on page 13 4th panel – “And I see your still as hard headed…,” “your” shold be “you’re” as in “And I see you’re still as hard headed…,”

    • [Cross]
      October 23, 2009

      But thanks for the feedback, btw in you’re response, “shold” should be “should”. In my defense, I was a little disoriented what with having to rewrite all of those numbers that Myougi said in her speech, hopefully she doesn’t speak as much next chapter. Then again, it’s a simple mistake so I probably shouldn’t have to defend myself.

      • Ano
        October 24, 2009

        And in your response, “you’re” should be “your” 😉 Regardless, it was a great chapter, and thanks a lot for all your brilliant work.

  3. [Cross]
    October 24, 2009

    Hm, I guess I should be more blunt when trying to be ironic/sarcastic.

    • Ano
      October 24, 2009

      Well, irony and sarcasm are both quite hard to convey in plain text. You guys are still working on Seitokai no Ichizon right? (Just checking – I’m well aware it takes time and that you undoubtedly have quite a bit on your plate already.)

      • [Cross]
        October 24, 2009

        Yeah I figured as much, anyways I will touch upon that later, so don’t worry about it.

  4. Ano
    October 24, 2009

    Okay, thanks. Keep up the good work.

  5. LordOmnit
    October 25, 2009

    Thanks for awesomeness!
    It does look like she at least doesn’t speak through the whole next chapter. I suppose I can understand why she irritates you more than us though, but I think it’s kinda cute- insofar as much as psychosis can be cute.

  6. r31ya
    October 26, 2009

    Thanks for the Medaka box, and how’s the Yozakura Quartet progress? kinda very expecting it 😀

    • [Cross]
      October 26, 2009

      Expect an explosion soon.

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