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Bamboo Blade 79

Well are you?
Well are you?

So I say screw the previous poll results. I apologize to the people who so dearly wanted an entire volume release of Bamboo Blade which would have come out weeks from now (who knows when really). I really can’t help but sympathize with those people, this decision was so painstakingly filled with grief because now everyone will be able to read Bamboo Blade sooner and quicker than normal.
Oh well.

Bamboo Blade 79
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P.S. The real reason I’m tossing out the results is because while working on volume 10, I noticed that these pages were rather high quality/resolution so an entire volume release would be a bother to upload and download. You can see from this chapter’s size. Enjoy ^^


2 comments on “Bamboo Blade 79

  1. anonymous
    October 13, 2009

    Awesome, thanks a lot and keep up the good work! MEEEEEEEEEEEEN!

  2. b1
    October 13, 2009

    Nice surprise – wasn’t expecting this. Many thanks

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