35 comments on “*Yawn*

  1. Glad to see you guys are back – I was definitely missing some of your releases! Recently, some of the groups I follow have disappeared without warning and so I’m glad to see that you’re not among them.

    Thanks for the chapters!

  2. You should be sorry for continuing Medaka Box. The only reason I read this series is to bash how terrible it remains. Thanks for scaning such a retched series.

    • Are you mad!?! Medaka Box is pure genius. Weaksauce akiyama-kun.
      I bet you’re now going to tell me that Bleach isn’t a hard hitting narrative.

  3. Thanks alot for the Sacred Blacksmith chapter. I m relieved and happy to see that the manga really is ongoing and doesnt stop where the anime ended. I m really happy. BTW is this a monthly or weekly manga?

    • It’s serialized in monthly comic alive, I think that’s a monthly magazine. Judging from the size of chapter that would be my best answer.

  4. Thanks a lot for your hard work, and I’m glad you found an answer in your soul searching. ;D You’re appreciated!

      • yeah i know just exaggerating a bit, if Aizen gets beaten I’ll stop reading bleach btw lolz.

      • Really? You guys actually like that pompous ass? Well, honestly, unless the final zestugo tensho is an unholy, epically badass attack, I won’t be pleased. I’ve been disappointed by Ichigo over and over again. First his bankai was unimpressive, then he keeps skipping out on his training, then his hollowfication is weak(except for stage 2), and now he’s a damn wall flower as Aizen slaughters Kisuke, and such. Seriously, am I the only one who thinks Ichigo is lacking as the main character?

      • It is precisely BECAUSE Ichigo lacks as a main character that we have to worship the antagonist…

        ‘Sides, Aizen isn’t just a “pompous ass”; he’s a pompous badass.

  5. Thanks you so much! I was worried you died. Perfect timing though – I finished my finals and walked home just in time for your batch release xD

    Medaka Box AND Yozakura Quartet… what more could I want.

  6. I-It’s not like I want to download these releases, they’re just sitting right here so SOMEONE has to download them! Like I would download them for you, CXC-kun! Die twice!

  7. Thanks for the release ^^

    Also sorry I’m trying to sort my chapters of Maria+Holic into volumes, is chapter 19 the start of volume 4 (chapter 14-18+omake = volume 3)?

  8. Thanks for the numerous releases guys!! I am sure us leechers appreciate the good work you do, so don’t burn out on our account just yet. ;)

  9. thanks a lot for jour effort and passion, i really really really really really thanks youuuuuuu…

  10. “delay/stalled releases or just didn’t release all together without informing the fans of anything”

    SPEAKING OF WHICH, What’s happening with Onidere?

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